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Warranty/Refund Policy


Garrison's Greenwood Gardens

 Warranty and Refund Policy

Save Your Receipt!
Without Receipt
You must have a printed Garrison's receipt,
original plant tag and dead plant for any warranty or return claim.
Foreword for Plant Warranty
We want your landscape to be a success and we stand behind the excellent quality of our plants with a four month warranty. Most problems arise with new plants in the first sixty days. While our warranty is good for a four month period, it is your responsibility as the customer to follow proper planting procedures and most importantly proper plant care especially watering. CONTACT US at the FIRST SIGN of trouble so that we have the opportunity to discuss adjusted care methods that my save your plant. Failure to contact us in a timely manner may void your warranty.
  • Hardy Shrubs and Trees
  • Guaranteed for 4 months from date of purchase
  • Printed receipt must be presented
  • Customer will receive a one time replacement or merchandise credit equal to purchase price


**Excluded from Plant Warranty

  • Plants without a printed Garrison's receipt
  • Any plant purchased on clearance, yellow tag or end of season sale
  • Any plant purchased with a warranty merchandise credit
  • Any BEDDING PLANT including but not limited to ~ annuals, perennials, hanging baskets, vegetables, tropicals, etc.
  • Plants damaged by conditions beyond our control such as natural disasters, improper or delayed planting , insufficient care by the customer, extreme weather, insects, disease, animals, mechanical injury, etc
  • Plants that have suffered in appearance but are capable of recovering with proper care
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