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Olde Covered Bridge Gardens

The Olde Covered Bridge Garden culminates one of the dreams of Charles and Kate Garrison. It began its story nearly three decades ago. As the Garden evolved, so did the idea of a dramatic focal point - a romantic and nostalgic New England bridge from today to yesteryear.

 The Bridge celebrates Shreveport and Bossier City's colorful riverboat heritage. Most of the timbers for the bridge were preserved from the warehouses and structures being disassembled in the historic, riverfront district. Many of these buildings date from the mid-1800's.
Along with their year-round beauty, the Garden performs a research function. New varities of flowers or shrubs are often introduced by growers from outside our region. These new versions may or may not thrive in the warm, humid conditons of the Gulf South. Beds of these new plants are then tested to determine optimum growing conditions, providing the nursery staff with an experience factor to offer customers.
The Garden is open during regular business hours. 

Each morning begins with the official duck parade, held at 10:30 a.m.
The ducks march across the bridge in loose formation,
venture down their custom-built slide to the acre-sized pond
where they swim across to breakfast.
Often the ducks get creative,so the spontaneity
of each day's event is a source of amazement.